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QuickBooks is an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses, with over 7 million people using its online accounting and invoicing solution. It gives entrepreneurs the ability to work with and share their data with their accountant, allowing for remote access for better and faster accounting. With its wide range of compatibility with different payment and collection services, it supports those in the retail, online e-commerce, services industry, as well as craftsmen. QuickBooks is a great way to streamline invoicing, streamline payments, and stay up to date with accounting and taxation policies. With its user-friendly interface, it makes it easier to manage accounts and keep clients up to date on payments. It can also provide customized reports and insights that help entrepreneurs understand their finances and make better decisions. With so many features, QuickBooks is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs to make managing their finances easier and more efficient.

quickbooks reviews

Benefits of QuickBooks

Quickbooks provides an easy way for freelancers, small businesses and medium enterprises to efficiently manage their accounts. Powered by the latest cloud technologies, Quickbooks offers real-time monitoring, customized reports, analytics and decision-making capabilities for businesses. Additionally, Quickbooks provides free remote access for accountants and it is easy to import and export data from Quickbooks. The software is certified in accordance with French accounting regulations and comes with numerous integrations. Additionally, Quickbooks is available in SaaS mode and comes with no maintenance and no updates. Finally, the subscription can be cancelled at any time without penalty and Quickbooks is available on PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Quickbooks makes it simple to keep your business finances up to date and manage them in an efficient way.

QuickBooks Price

QuickBooks is an easy-to-use digital accounting software designed for freelancers, small and medium businesses. It has three plans for which the user can choose from – Simple Start, Essential and Plus.

The Simple Start plan is priced at €10 per month and is well-suited for freelancers and auto-entrepreneurs. It offers features such as commercial management, invoicing, cash flow management, accounting management, simplified dashboards and reports, access for the accountant, training and support. It is also certified compliant with the requirements of the tax authorities and secures data access and storage.

The Essential plan is priced at €29 per month and is ideal for freelancers and small businesses. Up to 3 users can access this plan and use features like commercial management, invoicing, expense management, cash management, advanced dashboards and reports, access for the accountant and training, configuration assistance and support services. It is also compliant with the requirements of the tax authorities and secures data access and storage.

The Plus plan is priced at €49 per month and is ideal for small and medium businesses. It allows up to 5 users to access and use features like commercial management, invoicing, expense rebilling, expense management, supplier purchase orders, cash management, accounting management, accounting reports, advanced dashboards and reports, access for the accountant, training and configuration assistance and customer support. It is also certified compliant with the requirements of the tax authorities and provides total security of data access and storage.

QuickBooks Company Info

quickbooks reviews

Intuit is a 10,000 employee-strong, Nasdaq listed company with a valuation of nearly $120 billion. They develop a range of software and services, such as Turbotax, Mint, and MailChimp, which are used by more than 100 million people worldwide. In France, Intuit owns QuickBooks, a software provider with about 50 employees located in Paris. QuickBooks reflects Intuit’s commitment to providing reliable, effective financial management tools to businesses in Europe and beyond. Its comprehensive tools offer features such as easy invoicing, tracking sales, paying bills, managing payments, managing expenses and working with accountants to ensure that the company is compliant with the latest statutory legislation. QuickBooks also features real-time reporting and analytics so businesses can make informed decisions about their finances. As well as the core software, QuickBooks offer tailored support and training to businesses using the software.

Integrations & APIs

For developers, QuickBooks provides an open API as well as a dedicated Intuit Developer website, where integrations can be created and customised to suit the needs of businesses. This makes it easy for businesses to take advantage of the platform and seamlessly integrate it into other systems or services.

QuickBooks offers features like setting up recurring payments, printed cheques, invoicing, and the ability to generate reports for analysis. Businesses can also control their employee access by assigning job roles and permissions. In addition, the platform offers real-time insights and analytics to help businesses make better decisions.

The platform is also easy to use and customise, with user-friendly navigation and different colour schemes to facilitate design and branding. Customers can also access support anytime by calling the QuickBooks phone number or visiting the online help centre, which provides tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions.

Our opinion on QuickBooks

quickbooks reviews

QuickBooks is an excellent accounting software designed for freelancers, VSEs and SMEs. It has become the industry standard due to its intuitive user interface, comprehensive suite of features and hundreds of certified accountants in France. QuickBooks is easy to learn and offers a variety of tools and possibilities to meet your accounting needs, with the ability to track income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and even payroll. Its features are regularly updated, guaranteeing the accuracy and security of your financial data. Additionally, the QuickBooks community provides an answer to any questions you might have, making it an ideal choice for businesses of any size. QuickBooks provides an all-in-one package to cover every aspect of your business and is trusted by millions of businesses around the world.


QuickBooks accounting software is a popular choice for many businesses for its ability to record and manage financial transactions and generate reports. The software is intuitive and user-friendly, and provides a wide range of features to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. It is also highly secure and offers excellent 24/7 customer support. Based on these features, it is reasonable to conclude that QuickBooks accounting software is a reliable and effective accounting solution.

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