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Sage is an accounting software company founded in 1981 by David Goldman, Paul Muller and Graham Wylie in Newcastle.

It is one of the market leaders in software publishing. The British company has more than 13,000 employees and is valued at over 2.8 billion pounds.

Sage proposes solutions (different) for all the segments of the market: micro-entrepreneurs, VSE, SME and large groups. We will analyze here the part Sage Accounting and Invoicing intended for the freelancers, VSE and SME and Sage Payroll as the software is present in these two topics on Tool Advisor.

You will discover, within this sheet, all the characteristics, the strong points and the weak points of the software thanks to our detailed and independent analysis. Tool Advisor is also a tool to guide you towards the accounting software that suits you in less than 2 minutes.

Our review of Sage is like all reviews on Tool Advisor: independent and transparent. Our goal is to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of accounting software so that you can choose the one that suits you.

For whom?

Sage addresses all segments of the accounting software market with 3 different software products: Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Billing, Sage 50cloud Ciel Accounting and Ciel 100cloud Accounting.

We analyze here Sage Accounting and Billing which is intended for freelancers, VSEs and SMEs. For large companies and ETI, Sage 50cloud Ciel Accounting and Ciel 100cloud Accounting are recommended.

We will also analyze Sage Payroll for the social management of your company.

The competitors of Sage Compta et Facturation are Pennylane, Evoliz or Sinao. There are also more specialized software on certain segments such as Tolteck for craftsmen, Freebe for freelancers or Indy for independent workers.



Banking connection

Sage Accounting and Billing is linked to your bank account. You can synchronize your account statements automatically.

VAT management

The English software manages your VAT automatically. Thanks to the invoicing tool, your VAT is automatically calculated within the software.

Managing your cash flow

You can easily track your revenues and expenses with the accounting software dashboard. All your key performance indicators are in one place and available from your computer, tablet or phone. You have access to your income statement, balance sheet and balance sheet automatically.

Billing software

Sage Accounting and Billing offers an invoicing section that allows you to :

  • Customize quotes and invoices
  • Edit and send quotes and invoices
  • Follow-up and reminder of invoices
  • Automate your recurring invoices
  • Receive payments easily
  • Create delivery notes
  • Asset management

The billing part of Sage is simple and quick to learn. However, at 25$/month for the full version, the price is well above the average without additional features. We therefore do not advise you to choose Sage if you only need an invoicing software without accounting.

Inventory management

Sage Compta et Facturation has a stock management module that allows you to know in real time the available stocks. After having set up your products, categories and prices, you can view the evolution of your stocks automatically thanks to the connection to your bank account.

What are the differences with Sage 50cloud and Sage100cloud?

The Sage 50cloud and 100cloud software are more suitable for medium-sized companies, ETIs and large groups as they are designed for larger structures. If you are a VSE or a small company and you need an accounting software with (very) many features, these two versions of Sage may interest you.

In detail, many additional features are available:

Sage 50cloud

This software is available in cloud format or on your workstation.

  • Budget and cash management
  • Payment by Paypal, Stripe and GoCardless
  • Barcode, weight, packing and item photo functionalities
  • Inventory management
  • Multi-depot inventory management
  • Cost accounting
  • Management of fixed assets and borrowings
  • Detailed financial reports and intelligent reports
  • Extensive integration with other software

Sage 100cloud

  • Cost accounting
  • Forecast
  • Expense report management
  • Accounting automation
  • Debt collection
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Remote declaration and remote payment

We have not tested and analyzed in detail the ETI and large group versions of Sage, we advise you to contact the software publisher directly if you wish to obtain more details. You can also ask the opinion of your accountant who is often a good adviser.

Payroll software

Sage Payroll (or Sage Business Cloud Payroll) has a good reputation in the payroll software market. This module is designed for companies with up to 100 employees. Sage offers all the essential features of a payroll software:

  • Payroll management ;
  • Social declarations (DSN, URSSAF, employer’s certificate);
  • Leave and absence management;
  • EDM ;
  • Mobile application;
  • Dashboards ;
  • Outsourced payroll management.

It is therefore possible to use Sage as a software with or without support even if we find Sage more relevant with support because other self-service software are easier to use in our opinion.

Sage Paie stands out by being accessible to all professionals and easy to use. Less austere than most payroll software, the design is simple but pleasant.

Three interesting features may be missing from the payroll software: employee time tracking, expense report management and the employee area. Concerning this last point, contrary to other software, you will have to download and send by email or by mail the payslips of your employees.


The software provides all the necessary resources so that you can use all the features independently with :

  • Sage training
  • A detailed documentation
  • A community of users

The Sage support team is also available by email, chat and phone.


The software regularly proposes promotional offers that we will not highlight here. These offers are one-time, check if you can benefit from them.

The purpose of the pricing section is not to copy and paste the software offers but to analyze, decipher and popularize the accounting software offers.

Sage has 2 different offers:

Start offer at 9$/month

  • Invoice creation
  • Follow-up and reminders of invoices
  • Dashboard
  • VAT management

Please note that this version does not include the sending of quotes.

Classic offer at $25/month

  • Creation of quotes
  • Invoice creation
  • Follow-up and reminders of invoices
  • Dashboard
  • VAT management
  • Inventory management
  • Forecast
  • Product catalog
  • Multi-currency
  • Delivery notes

The Start version is really limited and will suit very few use cases.

Sage Paie Business Cloud Paie

Sage’s payroll software rates are divided into two parts: a fixed subscription that varies according to the number of employees and a price per pay slip.

Some examples of the software rates according to the number of employees:

  • For 1 employee : 20$ HT/month (5$ subscription and 15$ the pay slip) ;
  • For 10 employees: 125$ HT/month (25$ subscription and 10$ the pay slip) ;
  • For 50 employees: 445$ HT/month (45$ subscription and 8$ the pay slip);
  • For 100 employees: 845$ HT/month (45$ subscription and 8$ the pay slip).

You have the possibility to subscribe to the option of leaves and absences at 1,70$/month/employee and the option of interviews and objectives at 1,95$/month/employee.

Sage’s prices are in the average of the market but particularly competitive considering the numerous features offered. A good point for the software!

Our advice: think about evaluating your needs beforehand by knowing the number of estimates sent, the number of invoices, the number of users, etc. Think productivity gain rather than software cost and don’t hesitate to use our accounting software comparison.

Sage – Customer Reviews

With the multiplication of customer review platforms, it is more and more difficult to find your way around and easier to manipulate the reviews.

We are very careful with the customer reviews available for accounting software and for all the software we review. Don’t trust online reviews blindly.

For all these reasons, this part ” Sage – customer reviews ” will make an inventory of the sites where the billing is rated (with more than 5 reviews) then in a second time, we will identify the main trends of Sage reviews.

At the time of the last update of our Sage review, the software has :

  • 99 customer reviews on Google ;
  • 16374 customer reviews on Trustpilot ;
  • 290 customer reviews on Capterra.
Google Business2,5/5
Note Tool Advisor88%

Sage has a Trustpilot page with more than 11,000 reviews but they concern all the software offered by the editor. So we asked Sage Accounting and Invoicing users who gave us the following positive and negative points:

Positive points

  • Easy to use software
  • Many resources available

Negative points

  • Quality/price ratio
  • Hard to reach support

For the Accounting and Billing software, users are unanimous: the software is easy to use and very useful, especially if you think you will need higher versions of Sage in the future. The main negative points are the reactivity and the quality of the support.

The resources available to users are efficient and can answer most of the problems but when you try to reach the support, you will have to be patient.

Summary of our opinion on Sage

Sage is one of the leaders in the accounting and billing market, but is clearly angling for the VSE, freelance and small business segment.

We like it a lot:

  • The simplicity of use
  • The resources available
  • The trial offer

We like less:

  • Customer service efficiency
  • The price

Sage Accounting and Invoicing is a good software but it suffers from the comparison with its competitors on the segment of the independent and VSE. Sage concentrates on the upper segment of medium-sized companies, ETIs and large groups to the detriment of small companies.


In conclusion, Sage is a great accounting and billing software for medium-sized and large businesses. It is relatively easy to use and provides robust services for managing invoices and payments. However, the customer support may not be as prompt or efficient as users would like. But overall, Sage is a reliable and versatile choice for businesses in need of accounting and billing services.

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